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Local Church Commissions

Commission on Membership and Evangelism   

Evangelist Dora B. Dyson

Dr. Ida Mae Trammell

Commission on Christian Education  

Sis. Marguirite L. DeLaine

Sis. Margaret Brailsford

Sis. Shirley Mitchell

Commission on Missions and Welfare  

Sis. Isabelle Jackson, Chairperson

Sis. Marguirite L. DeLaine

Evangelist Dora B. Dyson

Commission on Stewardship and Finance

Rev. Robert L China, Jr.

Bro. Wesley Bennett    

Bro. Nathaniel Dyson

Bro. Aaron Jones, Jr.

Bro. Ernest Oliver

Sis. Luetina Ragin

Commission on Public Relations   Sis. Sharon B. Madison

Commission on Christian Social Action  Sis. Margo Stukes

Commission on Health     

Debs & Masters Commissioner   Sis. LaToya Ragin

                                                         Sis. Brandi Brown, Assistant

Website Commissioner     Sis. Laronistine Lawson

2014-2015 COMMITTEES

Finance Committee     

Sis. Luetina Ragin, Financial Administrator

Bro. Wesley Bennett

Bro. Nathaniel Dyson

Sis. Fannie Johnson

Kitchen Committee     

Sis. Rhonda Thames, Chairperson

Sis. Charlene Gibson, Co-Chairperson

Sis. Isabelle Jackson, Co-Chairperson

Sis. Michelle D. Hill, Co-Chairperson

Sis. Leola Parka

Sis. Scherrie Hill-Tindal

Sis. Yolanda Neal

Bro. William Dallas

Bro. Wendell Hilton

2014 – 2015 Steward Board    

Rev. Robert L. China, Pastor

Bro. Nathanlel Dyson, Pro-Tem

Bro. Wesley Bennett

Sis. Brandi Brown

Sis. Marguirite L. DeLaine

Sis. Fannie Johnson

Sis. LaToya Ragin

Sis. Luetina Ragin

Sis. Martha Ragin

Bro. Robert E. Ragin (Emeritua)

Sis. Betty Simon

Sis. Margo Stukes

Sis. Edna Walters

Sis. Mosetta G. Witherspoon

2014-2015 Trustee Board    

Rev. Robert L. China, Pastor

Bro. Daren A. Ragin, Pro Tem

Bro. William Dallas

Bro. Leroy Dyson

Bro. Aaron Jones, Jr

Bro. Louis Oliver



BURIAL COMMITTEE      Bro. William Dallas

         Bro. Aaron Jones, Jr.



(Sound & PA Systems)


Bro. William Dallas


                                                              Bro. Louis Oliver

2014 -2015 Class Leaders

New Class Number                 Class Leader(s)

No. 1                      Julius Adger/Dewey Neal

                        No. 2                      Edna Walters/Latoya Ragin

                        No. 3                      Arlonial D. Bradford/Margo Stukes

                        No. 4                      Catherine Jones/Ruth F. Solomon

                        No. 5                      Wesley Bennett

                        No. 6                      Deloris Brown/Cheryl Ragin

                        No. 7                      Marguirite DeLaine/

Rev. L. Edythe DeLaine

                        No. 8                      Evelyn Dyson/Constance Brunson

                        No. 9                      Rowena Glover

                        No. 10                    Isabelle Jackson/                                                             Charlotte Peterson


                        No. 11                    Bertha Lawson/Rhonda M. Thames

                        No. 12                    Kathleen L. Gibson/Faye Lawson

                        No. 13                    Emma Gean Robinson

                        No. 14                    Suzanne Gist

                        No. 15                    Roosevelt Mitchell

                        No. 16                    Deloris Moore/Scherrie Hill Tindal

                        No. 17                    Mosetta G Witherspoon/

Norine Brown

                        No. 18                    Robert E. Ragin/Leroy Dyson

                        No. 19                    Leola R. Parks/Yolanda G. Neal

                        No. 23                    Preparatory Members (Ages 0-12)

                        No. 24                    Youth Members (Ages 13-18)

                        No. 25                    New Members’ Class


Stewardess Board No. 1

Deloris Brown, President

Naomi Bradley, Vice President

Janie Adger, Sarah Barber, Debra R. Brailsford, Mazie Brailsford, Doris Dallas, Evelyn Dyson, Buelah Gibson, Suzanne Gist, Rowena Glover, Diane Howell, Sharon B. Jones, Ruth F. Solomon, J. Carolyn Sherman, Eloise White

Stewardess Board No. 2

Luetina Ragin, President

Brandi Brown, Vice President

Margo Stukes, Secretary

Kia Brown, Chaplain,

Emma J. Lane, Treasurer, Leola Parks, Susan Ragin, Betty Simon, Annie Lee Smith, Edna Walters



Church School

 Rev. Robert L. China, Jr.,  Chief  Superintendent; Harold B. Brunson, Superintendent; Ruth F. Solomon, Secretary; Dawson Gaymon, Treasurer; Fannie M. Johnson, Financial Secretary

Daughters of Sarah

Bertha Lawson, President; Ruth F. Solomon, Secretary; Catherine B. Jones, Treasurer

Grandparents Ministry

Yolanda Neal, President; Leola Parks, Secretary; Julian Stukes, Treasurer

Hospitality Men & Women in Action

Millie Mae Robinson, President; Charlotte Peterson, Secretary;

Dewey Neal, Jr., Treasurer

Lay Organization

Ruth F. Solomon, President; Kia F. Brown, Secretary; Leroy Dyson, Treasurer

Senior Citizen Ministry

Deloris Moore, President; Arlonial Bradford, Secretary; Robert E. Ragin, Treasurer

Sons of Allen

Jarod Stukes, President; Wesley Bennett, Secretary; Dewey Neal, Jr., Treasurer

Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) Officers

Leola Parks, President; Kia F. Brown, Secretary; Margaret Brailsford, Treasurer; Brandi Brown, YPD Director

Young People’s Division (YPD)

Marquise Moore, President, Tamara Adger, Secretary; Jermaine Moore, Treasurer

Young Women in Action (YWI)

Shamekia Oliver, President; Brandi Brown, Secretary; Quanical Canty, Treasurer

Readkidzz Club

Naomi Bradley

Widows’ Ministry

Evangelist Dora B. Dyson

Male Chorus 2014-2015

Bro. Wesley Bennett, President; Bro. Dewey Neal, Secretary; Bro. Aaron Jones, Treasurer

New Vision Choir 2014-2015

Shirley Mitchell, President; Roderick Walker, Vice President; Sharon Madison, Secretary; Jackie Bennett, Chaplain; Edna Walters, Treasurer

Sanctuary Choir 2014-2015

Sis. Isabelle B. Jackson, President; Sis. Carolyn Sherman, Secretary; Sis. Emma J. Lane, Treasurer