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The Hospitality Men and Women in Action Ministry serves the Historic Liberty Hill Church family and aids in fostering a continuously welcoming environment for all members, prospective members, and visitors. This includes, but is not limited to, sending cards to church members who have been absent from church for a significant period of time and to visitors of our morning worship services. There are two groups that comprise the Hospitality Men and Women in Action Ministry – The Men in Action and The Women in Action. Many times these two groups function as one and sponsor various events throughout the year for the benefit of the church and the church family though each will sometimes function independently of the other.


Men in Action

Leader - Mr. Dewey Neal           

Assistant Leaders - Mr. Louis Oliver                             Mr. Louis Oliver                             Mr. Daren Ragin                             Mr. Julius Adger


Each member of the Hospitality Men and Women in Action Ministry should have a warm heart and have a genuine desire to care for others. Each member strives to accept others as Christ accepts each of us. Each is friendly, trusting, sociable, caring and outgoing.

Women in Action

Leader - Ms. Millie Mae Robinson

Assistant Leaders - Ms. Debra Brailsford                             Ms. Betty Bennett                             Ms. Millie D. Robinson                             Ms. Charlotte Peterson

The Men in Action are dedicated men in the church who are available to serve their church community at a moment’s notice. They do whatever it takes to serve God, our families, our congregation, and visitors alike. No job is too large or small, and they are just a phone call away.

The Women in Action group is designed to unite all women in love and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Its members strive to bridge age barriers, minister to each other, assist in the spiritual preparation of women, and involve all women in affairs of the church and the community.

There are 20 active members who are available to serve the church and its members. Though various programs are held throughout the year to benefit the church community, the group will accept all donations from the public. If not specified, these funds will be combined with other funds to serve the church community. For specific projects or to donate, contact any leader or assistant leader directly or by calling the church office at 803-478-4812.