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Readkidzz Reading Club was initiated in January 2013 at Historic Liberty Hill AME Church as an extension of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Eta Zeta Omega Chapter’s Reading Program. The goal of our reading club is to encourage our children to read and develop a joy of reading. We want our children to become lifelong independent readers.


Through our club, we encourage the children to read daily and keep a journal or reading log. The journal or reading log is to be turned in on the second Sunday of each month during our club meeting. The children are afforded an opportunity to share a book that was on their reading record for the month. Sharing a book with the group enables the children to learn public speaking and organizational skills. They unknowingly and simultaneously build their confidence, improve their writing skills, enhance their interpersonal skills, learn how to function independently and as a member of a group, and learn how to prioritize and decipher information.

A story is always read during club meeting, as modeling is essential for developing a joy of reading. After story time, each child who brought his or her reading record and or shared a book visits our treasure chest and selects a token reward.

Children who are in attendance always receive a treat at the end of our club meeting. During the months of December and June, we celebrate the reading achievement of our children.

The Readkidzz Reading Club accepts donations - monetary and books. Persons interested in donating to the club should call 803.478.4812, option 3 or send an email to libertyhillame3@ftc-i.net. Entitle the  message Donation to Readkidzz.

The club is also seeking all children interested in developing important skills essential that are necessary in our society today while learning and developing a joy for reading.