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Sis. Geneva Bennett        

Sis. Onesa Bennett         

Sis. Hattle M. Blackwell                            

Sis. Daisy D. Block

Sis. Ann Brown                                                       

Sis. Mae Pearl Caldwell                                                           

Sis. Pinese Caldwell                                                                  

Sis. Sarah Canty                                                                                     

Sis. Sadie Conley  (Sumter Valley Rehabilitation)                                 

Rev. L. Edythe DeLaine                                                       

Sis. Ellen Dyson     

Sis. Blondell M. Fargas       

Bro. Aaron (Son) Gibson (San Antonio, TX)

Bro. Gus Gibson (Northwoods Senior Living Care, Sumter, SC)  

Sis. Susan Gunn              

Bro. Joseph Hilton (Eugenia’s Residential Care, Columbia, SC)

Sis. Minnie Richardson Hilton

Sis. Belphine B. James                             

Sis. Essie Mae James (Lake Marion Nursing Home)                   

Sis. Pearlie Rose Johnson

Bro. James Lawson

Bro. Jerome E. Lawson  

Sis. Daisy Martin (Lake Marion Nursing Facility)

Sis. Yvonne McFadden

Sis. Annie Mae McDonald

Rev. Henry Mitchell

Bro. Benjamin Oliver (New York)

Sis. Nancy J. Oliver

Sis. Mildred D. Oliver

Sis. Elouise Palmer

Sis. Shirley Patterson (Sterling House, Sumter, SC)

Bro. Hezekiah Ragin (Lake Marion Nursing Facility)

Sis. Maggie Ragin

Bro. Robert E. Ragin

Sis. Sudie Ragin (Lake Marion Nursing Facility)

Bro. Willie Ragin

Sis. Sarah Robinson

Sis. Catherine Scott (Lake Marion Nursing Home)

Bro. Roderick Walker


Updated 04/07/2015

Please contact the church office at 803-478-4812 to provide updated information. On behalf of your entire church family, we want you to know that we love you, we miss you, and you are always in our prayers.