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United Ministries of Clarendon County (UMCC) is a registered, non-profit organization 501(c)(3).

UMCC is a locally funded, volunteer supported, coordinated effort of caring and concerned individuals, businesses and churches who are responding directly to the immense needs in our community.

The sole purpose of UMCC is to provide direct mission assistance to Clarendon County residents seeking help.

The client provides picture ID and other information for their household members. This information enables the volunteer to match the client with available services as quickly as possible.

UMCC is currently open six (6) hours each week (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) and has involved more than sixty (60) highly committed volunteers over the past seven years.


Ninety-six and one half cents of every dollar donated to UMCC goes out the door in direct aid to our clients in the form of food, medicines, gasoline and kerosene. Assistance with emergency heat and cooling had simply not met the demand and soaring costs, and had to be cut from the services provided.

Three and one half cents of each donated dollar covers the costs of utilities for the donated building, required annual audits and food purchases.

Referrals are provided that enable the client to shop locally for used clothing and shoes.

The availability of staple foods and some household items depends on the bargaining skills of volunteers and well-run organizations such as Harvest Hope, our main food source.


UMCC relies on the support of dedicated volunteers and generous donors. Our trained volunteers interview clients, distribute food, restock our pantry shelves, fill clerical and business functions, as well as serve on various committees and the UMCC Board.

Membership is affordable and easy. Church/Group/ Business is $100./yr; Individual/Couple is $25./yr.

Membership is not required in order to volunteer at UMCC.

UMCC is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 12 noon.

In 2009, UMCC was able to assist clients on 1880 occasions.

With a larger donated space, volunteer support and funding, more can be done, as needs in our community continues to escalate.

Please remember that together we can do even more for those less able than ourselves.